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Notarization Types

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Traditional Wet Ink Notarization (TWIN)*
In-person notarization of paper documents.
In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)*
In-person notarization of electronic documents.
Paper Remote Online Notarization (PRON)
Remote online notarization of paper documents (delivered via mail, courier, etc.) with use of multi-factor authentication.
Remote Online Notary (RON)
Remote online notarization of electronic documents with use of multi-factor authentication.
Remote Ink Notarization (RIN)
Remote notarization of paper documents via audio-video communication platform (Skype, Facetime, etc.).


What is an eClosing?
An eClosing (electronic closing) takes place when some (or all) of the closing documents are signed electronically.
In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)*
What is remote online notarization (RON)?
A remote online notarization (RON) happens when the signer is not in the same physical location as the notary. In a RON transaction, live two-way audiovisual technology (such as a webcam) is used to complete a notarial act in accordance with Chapter 406, Texas Government Code.
How does remote online notarization work?
Both the signer and notary must access an approved RON platform where documents are uploaded. The technology must provide audiovisual capabilities set forth by Texas Statute so the notary and borrower can see and hear each other. Once the notary verifies the signer’s identity, the signer and notary both sign the document electronically, and the notary affixes an electronic seal.
What RON platforms will University Title utilize?
Depending on the type of transaction or acceptance by the lender, the vendor compliant solution would be Notarize or Pavaso.

Helpful Definitions

Electronic Mortgage
Electronic Mortgage (“eMortgage”): A mortgage loan where the closing documents – through a digital closing process that includes, at a minimum, the promissory note – are created, accessed, presented, executed, transferred, and stored electronically.
Electronic Notary
Electronic Notary (“eNotary”): A notary public who is authorized by the Secretary of State to perform electronic notarial acts in conformance with law.
Electronic Note
Electronic Note (“eNote”): The electronic promissory note is a transferable record that can be registered on the MERS eRegistry. A transferable record created in conformity with the requirements of eCommerce laws is the functional equivalent of a paper negotiable promissory note and is just as enforceable against the borrower as its written counterpart.
MERS eRegistry
MERS eRegistry: Mortgage Electronic Registration System is a database created by the mortgage banking industry that simplifies the mortgage process by using electronic commerce. MERS tracks ownership and servicing rights of the mortgage loan promissory note. Your lender will register the eNote with the MERS eRegistry after it is eSigned and eRecorded.
Electronic Vault
Electronic Vault (“eVault”): An application used by the mortgage industry that serves as an electronic repository for delivery and storage of eNotes and other mortgage- related files. Using an electronic vault, mortgage originators, warehouse lenders, and servicers can perform key actions regarding the eNote including registration, delivery, and transfer of the promissory note.
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